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Saturday sessions were started in September 2008 to give musicians at all levels an opportunity to play and sing music in a casual group setting. We provide a structure that encourages participation and promotes learning in a positive and supportive environment. Our sessions are held on Saturday afternoons from 1pm to 4pm and we welcome players and vocalists at all levels.

We play a wide variety of songs from all genres and in general, will select songs that are well known, simple in structure, and have good vocal harmonies. We take requests that meet these criteria, both before and during sessions. We will transpose songs to make them easier for all to play, or to accommodate the vocal range of those who make a request.

Music education is also a key component of our Saturday sessions. Our more accomplished musicians lead the way by providing individual assistance during our sessions, and conducting workshops held prior to each of our regular sessions. Past workshops have covered basic music theory and technique as it applies to guitar, bass and voice.

Our overall goal is to create an experience that is fun, positive, educational and therapeutic for all---one of lifes great pleasures to look forward to each session.

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